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17 October 2017

Hull On The List Of Councils Where Uber Will Not Apply For A Licence.

Uber will not be operating in Hull as it scraps expansion plans in nine cities.

Taxi-giant Uber has abandoned its plans to expand into Hull after losing its license in the capital earlier this month.

Earlier this year, Uber announced its plans to launch in nine new cities including, Hull, Oxford, South Tynesyde and Bournemouth.

But now it has withdrawn its applications for the use of its cars in these locations, reports the Times. 

The decision to withdraw the applications was made after Uber was asked a series of questions by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA wanted to determine whether the company’s claim that it “does not provide transportation services” and simply operates using an app connecting “independent contractors” with passengers are true.

It would appear that every time Uber's operating system is questioned, they back down.....what is it about they way they operate that they are determined to keep secret?

Questions included: “If Uber has no involvement in the contract between the customer and the driver of the vehicle, who accepts the booking? 
If Uber accepts the booking, how does it have no involvement in the contract between the customer and the driver?”

In the UK, it's totally illegal for a Private hire driver to accept a booking directly from a customer which is exactly the case with uber, as they've already explained it two recent court cases.

Uber is already in danger of losing its license in Brighton after it was revealed it had broken its promise to only use local drivers and vehicles.

Uber has also been refused a license in Reading and has been told it will not be granted one in Southend-on-Sea.

Transport for London also refused to renew the company’s license last month, although Uber still continues to take bookings in the city, pending an appeal. The decision was back by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Hull City Council has confirmed Uber has withdrawn its application to use its taxis in the city.

Uber said: “Uber has been granted more than 80 licenses by councils. Over the last year a small number of licence applications lapsed while we focused on other areas.

“On rare occasions we’ve not pursued applications as proposed conditions didn’t fit with how our app works.” really couldn't make that up lol.

Source : Hull Daily Mail.

from Taxi Leaks

Sadiq Khan’s ‘40,000 pollution deaths a year’ is a zombie statistic and isn’t true, says respiratory physician.

At last the truth about London's pollution.

Sadiq Khan’s figure on pollution deaths is a “zombie statistic and it’s simply not true,” according to a respiratory physician.

Figures have been released claiming pollution causes almost 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK. Air pollution is also said to cause a total 340,000 years of lost life in the UK.

Figures originated from a Royal College of Physicians report and Mr Khan has cited the figures in announcing measures to cut pollution in London.

But Tony Frew, respiratory physician at the University of Brighton, told Julia Hartley-Brewer this is merely an example of a “zombie statistic”, meaning “however much you try to kill it it comes back and it’s simply not true.”

He explained that the 340,000 life years figure doesn’t equate to real life, and in reality each person loses only about three days from their lifespan as a result of pollution.

Frew also said that the 40,000 deaths a year figure is “a guess” using information about two pollutants which overlap.

He added that pollution levels are “illegal because we made it illegal, not because it’s dangerous.”

Source : Stemorris . com

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